Frequently Asked Floral Questions

Do you do weddings and parties?
Yes! Please contact us today to set up a consultation.

Do you deliver?

What is your delivery fee?
We charge $10.95 for delivery in most of the Albuquerque area, and $13.95 to the West Side. We also deliver to Rio Rancho ($15.95), Corrales ($15.95), Bernalillo ($20.95), and the East Mountains ($25.95). Orders outside the Albuquerque area may require additional notice and be subject to higher order minimums.

Can you recommend a good florist out of town?
We are no longer able to accept orders to be filled outside our delivery area. Instead, in most cases we can provide you with contact information for florists in the area to which you would like your flowers delivered. In a typical wire order, service fees consume a significant amount of your money. By placing your order directly with a local florist, you are not only getting the best value for your money, you also have better control over what will be delivered since you can talk directly to the florist about what is available and what they do well. When placing an order out of town, please take into consideration the recipient’s time zone, the size of the recipient’s city, and how much special accommodation your order will require, just as you would when ordering locally. Some florists require 24 hours notice for delivery, or will charge higher delivery fees than we do. This is especially true for flowers to be delivered in rural areas. If you have a large or unique order, give us a call and we would be happy to work with you.

What is your minimum order?
Our minimum order is $39.95 plus delivery. For orders sent out of town we usually recommend a $50 minimum, though it is not necessarily required.

Can you refer me to a good wedding photographer?
There are several photographers that we like to work with. We suggest that you contact several and see who will work best for you.

Do you have balloons?
We do not carry any balloons.

Do you make silk arrangements?
Yes! We have a selection of wonderful silk orchid plants in our studio, and we can make custom silk arrangements upon request. As a general rule, you can guess that a silk arrangement will cost roughly twice what the equivalent fresh arrangement would.

Can you send me a bill for my purchases?
We offer this service to our frequent clients. Our house accounts are billed on a biweekly basis. Please call for more information.

Do you call the recipient before you deliver?
It is not our practice to call the recipient before we deliver unless the client specifically requests we do so.

What happens if the recipient isn’t at home?
If the driver attempts delivery and the recipient is not home, the driver can do one of several things. He can attempt to contact the recipient by telephone if a daytime number has been provided. He can leave the flowers with a neighbor and leave a notice on the recipient’s door. If none of these options is suitable, the driver can attempt to contact the sender to arrange for another delivery attempt. Flowers are never left where they can be exposed to excessive heat and sunlight, blown over, or stolen.

My flowers are dead! Will you replace them?
We make every attempt to ensure that our flower arrangements arrive in beautiful condition and stay that way as long as possible. However, there are rare occasions when circumstances beyond our control lead us to send out flowers that do not last nearly as long as they should. In most cases, if you call within 1-2 days we will happily replace the arrangement for you. Please return the original arrangement to the driver upon drop off of the replacement.


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